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Service Introduction

At PDAcademia we understand the importance of transferring our content into the daily lives of our schools. While our workshops take theory into practice along the latest trends and best practices, our consulting services focus on the activation and guidance for the necessary changes internally.

Our engagement is typically structured around 3 stages with the school and it’s responsible directors or teams and typically require two weeks’ after each stage for reflection, implementation and feedback, as well as results presentation.

Workshop contents have usually a very short memorization span, and far less activation ratio. Our consulting services counter that by guiding the teams along agreed parameters to make change effective and efficient, without falling back into old habits.

Research shows that 65% of Change Management initiatives fail to make changes permanent. With PDAcademia’s approach you will feel how fast and efficient a better environment can be fostered and as a result, how different everyone will feel about clarity of direction.

The 3 stages are:

Strategy – Where are we trying to go? What is our target as an organization and how do we want to win to achieve it? How do I take everyone along to support our direction? How do I achieve clarity through alignment?

Marketing and Communications – I know where we are going to, but I do not know how to communicate effectively! We have multiple channels to our audience but they are organized disparately. How can we reach our audiences and connect with them emotionally while building a brand that stands out? And how do I convert my skeptical prospects into satisfied parents?

Operations Optimization – We have so many different stakeholders! Our Board constantly intervenes, management is stressed because of different targets that fight each other, admissions and marketing are not working hand-in-hand and my teachers are not successfully communicating our brand.  How do I unclutter the organization so all are working towards the same goal?

Alp Altun

Alp Altun is a lecturer in Strategy Management, Marketing and Branding, Operations and Leadership Courses at the Jiaotong University’s School of Continuing Education’s China EMBA Program in Shanghai, as well as a guest lecturer for these other Business Schools: Skolkovo MBA School in Moscow and the Tongji University in Shanghai.

Alp is on the Board of Active Kidz Shanghai, a non-profit Sports Organization, where he is leading as an Executive Board Member its Marketing and Communications Strategy as well as Sponsorship Programs. He also serves as the Chairman of the Marketing Working Group for the European Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Alp has lead as a Brand and Product Manager in different industries and has over 20 years of work experience in brand building, marketing and business development in Europe and across Asia-Pacific. As an educator, Alp leverages his experience by translating theory into practice; ensuring his students go back to their schools with a plan of action they can confidently present to the Head of School and Board.

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