Leading in Your Role: School Nurses

Workshop Introduction

School Nurses, in addition to their primary responsibilities of providing basic nursing care and assisting in emergency situations, are also asked and responsible for liaising with, advising, guiding and supporting students, staff and parents. School nurses are required to work closely with principals and teachers to develop health and safety policies and programs, which requires them to have cross cultural communication skills in working with co workers of varying cultural backgrounds. In many cases the School Nurse also works closely with Social Workers, Psychologists, Learning Support and Guidance Counselor teams.

This two-day workshop will prepare participants to engage with the many different relationships that necessitate her/his specialist insight.   Participants will also identify and take ownership of health and safety  matters that affect the school, including those mandated by the local government.

Target Audience

School Nurses and other relevant staff that are responsible for provisioning health, wellness and safety services within or to a school.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify and prepare for responsibilities related to liaising with, advising, guiding and supporting students, staff and parents;
  • Build communication skills to cross-culturally communicate and navigate difficult conversations;
  • Manage priorities and be prepared for unforeseen events;
  • Create and implement a transparent incident escalation policy; and
  • Develop and execute Health Promotion initiatives.

Workshop Agenda

Workshops will commence at 8:30am and aim to finish by 4:30pm. There will be two 15-minute breaks each day and a 45-minute lunch break. The workshop modules will be:

Day 1: Morning
Taking Ownership of Health and Safety:

  • Leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding why different schools have different policies
Day 1: Afternoon
Keys to Effective Communication :

  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations
Day 2: Morning
Managing Priorities:

  • Unforeseen Events
  • Escalation and Follow Up
Day 2: Afternoon
Health Protocols and Advisories

  • Plan effective health promotion and care policies
  • Present effective health promotion and care policies to ensure maximum impact

Workshop Language

This workshop is available for facilitation in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. All written materials will be in English to support the schools working language environment.

Workshop Capacity

Limited to 30 participants (Exceptions can be made to include more)

Workshop Facilitator

PDACADEMIA, a Hong Kong-based international consultancy, will facilitate this workshop. PDACADEMIA helps Educational Institutions align professional development programs with their strategic mission and to overcome organizational challenges. They have developed the topics for this workshop through consultation with ACAMIS school leaders.

Kiera Sims (English)

Kiera Sims currently works as a school nurse at one of Hong Kong’s large international schools and will facilitate this workshop in English. Kiera first trained as a paediatric nurse at Kingston University, London. Once qualified she worked on a large busy children’s unit at St George’s Hospital London, where she widened her nursing skill set. Kiera then moved onto a more senior role at Bupa’s UK flagship hospital, The Cromwell London.

After gaining valuable skills and experiences in paediatric hospital care and due to a love of travel, Kiera moved to Hong Kong where she has now been for four years. Once gaining her Hong Kong nursing registration, she has focused her work on School Nursing.

In Kiera’s current role she has helped create and deliver a student wellbeing curriculum within her school. She is currently developing and implementing a new student medical data-reporting tool for foundation wide, whilst also evaluating and developing new foundation wide policies. All of which have given her a passion for developing the role of the school nurses within schools.

Anita Tsang  (Cantonese & Mandarin)

Anita Tsang Ngan Lai Yu has been a registered nurse since 1984. She obtained her Bachelor of Nursing Degree (Health Promotion and Health Education) at the University of Hong Kong in 2002. Her extensive nursing experience in various nursing fields, both in private and public sectors, includes: emergency room service at the Caritas Medical Center; pediatric surgical ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital; medical ward at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital; family medicine at the Hong Kong US Consulate; and more recently school nursing at various International Schools.

Her wealth of nursing experience also brought her into the nurse educator area. Since 2010, she has become the part time instructor for The Hong Kong Open University, help comprising and teaching relevant nursing related curriculums. In addition to general nursing, she also has a special interest in providing first aid training to health care professionals and lay people.

Anita is a qualified First Aid Instructor with First Aid International (U.K) since 2008, in the past years, she successfully delivered first aid course to help equip people to deal with various emergency situations pertinent to their needs. Anita is bilingual; her unique multi-faceted working experience in the nursing field enables her to leverage her nursing skills in a dynamic way.

Currently, she is pursuing her master degree in Nursing (Child and Adolescent Health) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University HKIS for 2 years but also sub for CIS and CDNIS during the time when I am freelancing from 2010 to 2012. From 2000 to 2012 , I also did annual field trips to provide medical care for HKIS Peak Week program for the middle school in different parts of China.