Empowering Teams: The Mission Challenge

Workshop Introduction

GOAL: To expose participants to team roles and communication skills that are effective in a school setting. This activity can accommodate between 24 and 100 participants, requires approximately 8 hours and can be organized in a gymnasium and/or outdoor play area.

Participants will take the Belbins Team Role Assessment and receive instruction on how these roles contribute to effective teams. Results will contribute to determining the composition of teams. Once each team is assembled, there will be additional facilitated discussions intended to demonstrate how teams Form > Storm > Norm > Perform.

The second half of this program will require each team to successfully overcome 4 challenges. At the conclusion of each challenge each team will receive pieces of a puzzle. Once all teams have successfully completed each challenge they will be required to cooperate to solve the puzzle.

Who Should Attend

This Team Building event is designed for schools to involve their entire staff, including Academic Staff.   Schools that have invested in this program have done so to improve Inter-Department Collaboration and to overcome challenges often associated with a change in leadership.

Workshop Objectives

  • Assess team member roles.
  • Develop practical skills to improve collaboration.
  • Engage in a series of activities that will foster a greater sense of camaraderie and community.

Program Agenda

The Team Building event will commence at 8:30am and aim to finish by 4:30pm. There will be two 15-minute breaks each day and a 45-minute lunch break. The program modules are:

Day 1: MorningTeam Role Assessment:

  • Identify each participants preferred team role;
  • Discovery activity to determine how those roles contribute to the school’s mission; and
  • Prepare teams to Form > Storm > Norm > Perform
Day 1: AfternoonThe Mission Challenge:

  • Teams engage in 4 challenging obstacle courses
  • Teams collaborate to solve the ‘Puzzle’
  • Debrief and Reflection

Workshop Capacity

24-100 Participants

Facilitation Fee

Facilitation fee is dependent on the number of participants and materials that may need to be transported to the school. Not inclusive of travel, accommodation and VAT. ACAMIS members receive a 10% discount for this program and up to a 20% discount if more than one day of facilitation is contracted.

Workshop Language

This workshop is available for facilitation in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. All written materials will be in English to support the schools working language environment.

Workshop Facilitator

PDACADEMIA, a Hong Kong-based international consultancy, will facilitate this workshop. PDACADEMIA helps Educational Institutions align professional development programs with their strategic mission and to overcome organizational challenges. They have developed the topics for this workshop through consultation with ACAMIS school leaders.

Michael Iannini (English)

Michael was a research assistant at the Arizona State University Child Development Laboratory, where he studied mixed age playgroups and conducted studies of how children retain and recall information. Before moving to China in 1999, Michael consulted with the Children’s Action Alliance and the Arizona State Government on how to best serve children with special learning requirements.

Since moving to China, Michael has worked with a number of International and Chinese Bilingual schools to develop curriculum, train teachers and consult school management on staff management and parent engagement strategies.

Michael’s training credits are a result of his recruiting and training the teams in each organization he has served in as well as his passion for education and continual learning. Michael infuses a variety of experience into every course to ensure participants can immediately apply the concepts introduced to them.

Corinne Lau (Cantonese / Mandarin)

Corinne’s facilitation of PDAcademia’s International School workshop content is lively and interactive. Corrine is able to leverage her multi-faceted experience and linguistic skills to help participants understand how skills can be applied to specific stakeholders.

Corinne will introduce examples relative to each participants role in the school, coach them in role plays and lead provocative case study discussions to ensure each participant walks away with the understanding and confidence to apply their new knowledge.

Corinne is a John Maxwell Certified Coach/Trainer/Speaker – Everything rises and falls with Leadership, JOURNEY Facilitator – Giftwok® Training for Leaders, TimeSmart© Accredited Facilitator/Coach – Productivity through Technology, and a MBTI® Certified Practitioner.

Corinne holds a Master Degree of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management and End-User Computing from University of Southern Queensland.