Administrative Excellence

Workshop Introduction

School management, leadership and their respective teams rely extensively on their administrative staff to communicate effectively on behalf of the school and be the first point of contact for teachers, parents and suppliers. International Schools present a challenging work environment for our administrative staff, many of which have never attended such a school nor have had to manage several competing priorities.

In this two-day workshop, give your Administrative Staff the opportunity to be exposed to communication, problem solving, time management and business writing skills to empower them to work independently. More importantly, to become the first line of defense against the innumerable distractions that slow our teams down. Participants will engage in practical activities and be given tools and templates applicable to their daily jobs.


“I really love Corinne! She’s an excellent trainer! I would love to see more training in cross culture communication.”

Workshop Objectives

  • Develop awareness and overcome barriers to being understood.
  • Communicate effectively in a multi cultural work environment.
  • Use questioning techniques to ensure a mutual understanding.
  • Define, communicate, act and resolve Problems.
  • Identify, communicate and coordinate multiple priorities.
  • PDAC Method of Writing Emails and Proof Reading.

Workshop Agenda

Workshops will commence at 8:30am and aim to finish by 4:30pm. There will be two 15-minute breaks each day and a 45-minute lunch break. The workshop modules will be:

Day 1: Morning
Key Communication Skills:

  • Barriers to Communication
  • Active Listening
  • Cultural Communication
Day 1: Afternoon
Problem Solving:

  • Funnelling to get the Right Answers
  • STAR Problem Solving
  • Delivering Bad News
Day 2: Morning
Solving the Time Problem:

  • Reduce Distractions
  • Communicate Priorities
  • Manage Multiple Priorities
Day 2: Afternoon
Business Writing

  • Write Clearly by Keeping it Short and Simple
  • Effective Emailing
  • Purpose, Details, Action and Close

Target Audience

Executive and Personal Assistants, Receptionists and other relevant administrative staff working in HR, Finance and Marketing Departments.

Facilitation Fee

ACAMIS members receive a 10% discount. A 20% discount will be applied if more than one day of facilitation is contracted.

Workshop Language

This workshop is available for facilitation in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. All written materials will be in English to support the schools working language environment.

Workshop Capacity

Limited to 30 participants (Exceptions can be made to include more)

Workshop Facilitator

PDACADEMIA, a Hong Kong-based international consultancy, will facilitate this workshop. PDACADEMIA helps Educational Institutions align professional development programs with their strategic mission and to overcome organizational challenges. They have developed the topics for this workshop through consultation with ACAMIS school leaders.

Michael Iannini (English)

Michael was a research assistant at the Arizona State University Child Development Laboratory, where he studied mixed age playgroups and conducted studies of how children retain and recall information. Before moving to China in 1999, Michael consulted with the Children’s Action Alliance and the Arizona State Government on how to best serve children with special learning requirements.

Since moving to China, Michael has worked with a number of International and Chinese Bilingual schools to develop curriculum, train teachers and consult school management on staff management and parent engagement strategies.

Michael’s training credits are a result of his recruiting and training the teams in each organization he has served in as well as his passion for education and continual learning. Michael infuses a variety of experience into every course to ensure participants can immediately apply the concepts introduced to them.

Corinne Lau (Mandarin)

Corinne’s facilitation of PDAcademia’s International School workshop content is lively and interactive. Corrine is able to leverage her multi-faceted experience and linguistic skills to help participants understand how skills can be applied to specific stakeholders.

Corinne will introduce examples relative to each participants role in the school, coach them in role plays and lead provocative case study discussions to ensure each participant walks away with the understanding and confidence to apply their new knowledge.Corinne is a John Maxwell Certified Coach/Trainer/Speaker – Everything rises and falls with Leadership, JOURNEY Facilitator – Giftwok® Training for Leaders, TimeSmart© Accredited Facilitator/Coach – Productivity through Technology, and a MBTI® Certified Practitioner.

Corinne holds a Master Degree of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management and End-User Computing from University of Southern Queensland.